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Choose a Perfect Opening Prayer for a Meeting

Are prayers before a meeting or prayer gathering hard to find? Are you looking for prayers that touch the heart and the mind? Prayers that are meaningful? Prayers that are relevant? If you are, we can help find perfect prayers for you and your occasion.

We all enjoy hearing people say: “That was a great prayer! Where did you get it from?”At the same time, however, we all know the pressure of not being able to find good, quality prayers, just before that important meeting time. All of that can be eliminated though when you sign up at our website to gain access to prayers for all occasions including prayers for weddings, meetings, events and any other occasion.

Our Prayers for Meetings Really Speak to People

Our prayers from this website ‘speak’ to people. They get people thinking reflectively. They link us to God. If you want prayers that people will remember long after they have been prayed, then this website is for you! Our website is a very useful resource for teachers, school staff meetings, board meetings or for any group that gathers to pray.

We take the hard work out of finding good prayers.

Our prayers focus on topics such as:

  • Children and young people
  • Teaching, schools, students
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Prayer of thanks
  • Mission, meaning and purpose
  • Social justice
  • Relationships

In each prayer, including in our prayers for kids, God is revealed as the God of Hope, forever loving and understanding our world and understanding us.

Our website is committed to providing prayers that are relevant and contemporary like our prayers for teachers and students. Our simple prayers reflect on the Word of the Lord, with the focus on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


“While these prayers have special relevance to the classroom scene, they could also be followed in the family home and by individual users.”

Br Brian Grenier
Christian Brother

“Rachele and Gabby have developed a beautiful set of prayers and reflections that parents and educators alike will find affirming and challenging. Those who visit the website will enter a space where they will find topics of interest addressed in very accessible ways.”

Dr Paul Sharkey
Director of Catholic Education South Australia (CESA)
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